Hey eagles. This is Adrienne Sabobo, your president for the 2020-2021 term. Serving as your secretary last term, I seek to continue my duties for this club the following year as your president. In my time in Key Club since freshman year, I've been involved in a multitude of service events, fundraising events, social events, committees, and more. Using my experience, I strive to make the Key Club experience for members and officers alike more involved. For this term, I hope to achieve a higher membership attendance as well as a higher fundraising goal for our preferred charities of the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) and the ELIMINATE Project. In the end, I am striving to create tighter bonds between the members and officers within this club through more participation on both the club and division level. When I am not doing Key Club related work, I do a multitude of things to occupy my times. However, I enjoy reading books and comics or watching DC related shows and movies the most. Constantine is my current show obsession, despite it only having one season.