One of the eleven clubs in Division 46 North of Region 12, CNH District. Serving the communities of Modesto, Riverbank, and Oakdale in California's Central Valley. 

Current Home of the 2020-2021 Lieutenant Governor, Monica In. 

A little something about us...

Enochs Key Club has had a relatively short yet meaningful time with the community, having received its Official Club Charter on January 13th, 2010. Ever since then, we have been involved with numerous organizations and helped countless people in many ways.



Enochs Key Club

 We are a student operated organization in Modesto California, part of the CNH district (California, Nevada, and Hawaii), and part of the 46 North Division in Stanislaus County. We strive to create a better community through volunteering by delivering our community service.


A short list of some of our contributions toward the community, club and division-wide, in our quest to follow CNH Key Club's motto - "Caring - Our Way of Life."

We have made and donated food for the homeless at the Modesto Gospel Mission via canned food drives and food assembling service projects.

We collaborated with the Society for disABILITIES with numerous programs aimed at helping kids with impairments, providing them with fun opportunities and activities.

We helped our division raise over $4000 in the 2019-2020 term for the Pediatric Trauma Program.

We have participated in a Trash Cleanup Project along the Santa Cruz backline.

In general, our club has won multiple division awards, while some of our officers have gone on to be recognized by the district. Our spirit remains unparalleled within our division, and we strive to project our spirit throughout the term. We've witnessed tremendous growth in membership and activity in recent terms. Each year at Club Rush, we intend to spread these opportunities to as many people as possible and grow the service family. We hope to see you hop along the ride and help us continue our mission to the community!

We have helped set up and organize games for kids to play at the Creekwood Elementary Fair.


About CNH

                                                         The first five clubs officially chartered by Key Club International                                                                 were at Sacramento, Monterey, Oakland Technical, Hemet, and                                                             Stockton (now Edison) High Schools. Key Club grew beyond the                                                               place of its birth, and a few clubs already existed in Nevada. In                                                               1947, it was decided that a district should be formed. The first step                                                           was taken as all Key Clubs and Kiwanis Clubs in California were                                                               invited to hold a conference in San Diego in October of 1947. The                                                           Key Club California-Nevada (Cali-Nev) District Bylaws and Constitution were adopted and new district officers were elected. John Cooper of Oakland Technical High School was the first District Governor of the Cali-Nev District. The first official Cali-Nev District Convention was held in Oakland in March 1948. It was attended by eighty members representing the 23 recognized district Key Clubs.

            The California-Nevada District converted to the California-Nevada-Hawaii (Cali-Nev-Ha, CNH) District when McKinley High School Key Club was established in Hawaii in 1952. The first edition of the Cali-Nev-Ha Key appeared on May 1, 1954. Presently Cali-Nev-Ha has over 45,000 Key Club Members from 736 clubs in eighteen regions, and 74 divisions!

The CNH District is represented by a bee mascot.

CNH has three main goals to reach:

900,000 Service Hours          38,000 Dues Paid Members          $260,000 Raised for PTP

All of the information above was taken and/or cited from the CNH website:


Division 46 North

Red Pandas


Before the 2013-14 Key Club year, Division 46 Key Club realigned,

having surpassed the number of schools per division. Though the limit is

15, we had 17 schools, after the chartering of Grace Davis and Gregori

Key Clubs, located in Modesto, Turlock, Merced, and the areas in

between. The division line was drawn just south of Patterson, through

Keyes, and up into Tuolumne County, and thus, Division 46 North was

born. Upon becoming a new division, we were required to select division colors and a mascot. In the end, forest green was selected as the division color, and Red Pandas was chosen over Peacocks and Squids. With our red and green colors, many have nicknamed us the "Christmas Division"

Now Division 46 North, D46N has 11 schools including Enochs and is being led by our Lieutenant Governer, Enochs' very own Monica In for the 2020-2021 Term.