President's Welcome

From Adrienne Sabobo

Mabuhay! Welcome!


Thanks for taking a stop by the Enochs Key Club Website. This is Adrienne Sabobo, the Enochs Key Club president for the 2020-2021 term, speaking! I have proudly served this organization since freshman year, an astonishing three years in the making! (Time flies by when you serve your community with your friends.)


In that time, I have made mistakes. I had some stumbles. I took some falls. But in the end, I learned from my shortcomings, succeeding and achieving, until I ended up where I am now as President. Even now, I am still discovering new things. Every day is a learning opportunity, not a fruitless endeavour. Each day brings the chance of growth rather than stagnation. As your President, it is my duty to take each learning experience and apply it to make our club the best version that it could be. And in all honesty, I am very excited to see where this term takes me in our club’s endeavours of serving and beyond.


As we enter the era of a new form of service, we will adapt and change but never crumble.


I will be frank, now more than ever is it important that we are together as a Key Club. We aren’t just a club of serving and leadership (while it is a large aspect of the organization), but a community of friends and peers. In my eyes, we are all ohana. As we progress through the term, I look forward to your time with us in Key Club.


Serving you and beyond,

Adrienne Sabobo

Enochs Key Club President 2020-2021

Division 46N | Region 12

California-Nevada-Hawaii District

Key Club International

Phone: (408) 431-6792

Monthly Update

by Adrienne Sabobo

Hello Eagles! 


There’s care in the air! Is that what they say? Anyway, last month our members showed all their care through the service hours they provided! Last month, we were able to raise 940.75 Hours in the month of January alone; We DOUBLED our service hour count in one month! Thank you to the dedicated members who worked for their service hours for the month of January. Because of your hard work and dedication, our AAR score jumped 22 Points! Now, what happens from here? We keep working hard. Keep up the amazing hard work and dedication, Eagles! 


Last month I challenged the members to commit to 15 hours of service, and our members were able to achieve so much in this month! I’m so impressed eagles, so I would like to congratulate those who fulfilled the President’s Challenge: Siena Bishop, Marie Cadiz, Reema Despande, Gurpriya Gandham, Daisy Garcia, Dana Gonzales, Celena Nguyen, Sicily Nguyen, Jasmine Ortiz, Isabella Ramel, Lillyana Seng, and Iris Villareal. These individuals have taken the initiative to help their community and set an amazing example amongst key clubbers. Thank you to those who contributed to the community! 


For the month of February, I encourage our members to get at least 15 hours of service. Keep looking out for service opportunities and attend the events when possible! I look forward to seeing your guys’ continued participation! 


With that being said, I hope that this month we can continue the amazing work and dedication that we put in the past month. Your contributions to the community mean a lot to not just me, but the world, and more importantly, it should mean the most to yourself. 


Looking out for you in service and beyond, 

Adrienne Sabobo, Enochs Key Club President 2020-2021

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